Abisary Collections
African Print Designers Mwaka Abisary Collections

Designer: Mwaka Namwila

Brand: Abisary Collections

Mwaka “Abisary” Namwila is one of Africa’s most promising and gifted designers.

Her fashion company “Abisary Collections” aims to look into individuality, modernity and culture. Mwaka loves her continent Africa and got inspired to have a fashion brand because she expresses herself through fashion and through her brand wants to see Zambian fashion on the map internationally.

Her vision and eye for fashion is incredible and she is extremely active on the Zambian fashion scene with her most recent showcase coming at the Lusaka July polo fashion event.

Follow her page on social media for more of her creative pieces:

Instagram: @abisary_collections

Le Creatif Apparel/Maison De TwaFai
African Print Designer Twaambo J.L. Muleya

Designer: Twaambo Muleya

Brand: Maison De TwaFai

Twaambo Muleya is one of the continent’s brightest upcoming designers having travelled extensively throughout Africa and acquiring a wide fashion sense. She grew up in 6 different countries and draws her inspiration from all the places she has visited which is evident in her work.

Her fashion house “Maison De TwaFai” (formerly known as “Le Creatif Apparel”) aims to create bold expressions that evoke controversial conversation through clothing that gets people thinking differently.

Follow her page on social media for more of her creative pieces:

Instagram: @twafai


Designer: Mwamba Mulenga

Brand: TAG

Mwamba Mulenga is an up and coming fashion designer and tailor. She is a vibrant and hard working female designer who has recently blossomed on Zambia’s fashion scene. Mwamba has a clear vision and direction for the industry and is one to look out for in the near future. Mwamba is the head designer behind the latest smart casual line of TAG unisex clothing.

Her blend of African fashion and modernity is effortless.

Follow her on social media for more of her unique creations:

Instagram: @mwamba_chilufya